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Liying has been focusing on the sales of Baosteel color coated coils for more than ten years and has long-term cooperation with domestic steel structure enterprises and home appliance enterprises
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2020 New Challenges! New Opportunities!
Let's forge ahead together and create brilliance together!

Shanghai Liying Industrial Co., Ltd. was established in 2006 and specializes in the steel trade industry in China. It has been deeply involved in the coating product line for more than ten years and specializes in specialized construction products such as color coated coils, galvanized sheets, aluminum zinc plating, zinc aluminum magnesium, etc. It integrates steel trade, processing, logistics, and services. Authorized agents for Shanghai Baosteel, Baosteel Huangshi, Baosteel Qingshan, Masteel, and Baosteel Meigang.

Liying focuses on the high-end coating market segment and currently has multiple offices in China, covering various regions such as East, Central, and Northwest China. It provides 24-hour technical support and services to over 5000 customers and has received market recognition and praise. With over ten years of sales and on-site experience, we have established long-term cooperation with domestic steel structure enterprises and home appliance enterprises. We have won the recognition of our customers and the industry, and we will continue to remember our original intention and forge ahead.

Our main products include Baosteel Color Coated Rolls, Baosteel Qingshan Color Coated Rolls, Ma Steel Color Coated Rolls, Baosteel Huangshi Color Coated Rolls, United Color Coated Rolls, Bosige (BHP) Color Coated Rolls, and other color coated rolls from major steel mills in China, including aluminum zinc, aluminum zinc, galvanized, cold rolled, and hot rolled products. In long-term business sales, coated products, especially (Baosteel, Masteel, Baosteel Huangshi) color coated coils, aluminum zinc plating, zinc plating, and other products, are relatively strong and competitive enterprises in the domestic industry. The company's business has formed a market pattern that radiates across the country, and has established long-term and extensive business cooperation relationships with multiple domestic customers.

We focus on professional development strategies, adhering to the consistent principle of "comprehensive and high-quality", and taking "high-quality product quality, striving to reduce costs for customers" as the core of our work. We have won numerous business advantages in price control and resource supply.
Liying Industry cooperates with a professional and well-equipped steel logistics system to provide customers with transportation services such as automobile, railway, and waterway, ensuring safe, timely, and accurate delivery of goods to customers. The company also cooperates with modern professional metal processing factories to provide processing (leveling, longitudinal cutting, semi-finished product processing, punching, film coating) and other services according to customer requirements.

One Heart Collaborates "Strength", Aim "Camp" Heart Craftsman

At Liying, we believe in every employee and choose to respect and trust each other.
We believe that a cohesive and trusting work atmosphere can provide employees with a broader space for spontaneous thinking, which will continue and enhance the commercial success of the creativity camp;
We know that having a responsible and cooperative workforce is an essential competitive posture in the new era;
We recognize that employees' voluntary efforts are the most valuable asset of the company, and we strive to encourage employees to grow together with the company;
In order for our employees to grow together with the company, we will do our best to develop, improve, and provide employees with better work experience in various departments and levels.
We believe that by striving to adapt to external market environments and industry changes, we can create a trust and mutual assistance work environment that can develop a talented, capable, and dedicated business team!