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Color coated steel plate, also known as color coated steel plate, is a coating product obtained by special treatment of the surface of the substrate plate using metal coils as the substrate, and then applying one or more layers of organic paint on the surface of the substrate through special processes and high-temperature curing. Due to the various beautiful colors of the product during the completion stage, it is called "color coated steel plate", which is commonly referred to as "color coated steel plate" or "color coated plate".

  Usage: Industrial factories, sports venues, airports/stations, indoor partitions, warehouses, elevators, metal curtain walls, etc

The anti-corrosion principle of color coated steel plate:

  Color coated steel plates for building purposes are mainly affected by harmful substances such as ultraviolet rays in sunlight, moisture in the air, and industrial pollution, which reduce their service life. The anti-corrosion of color coated products is mainly the combination of coatings, pre-treatment films, and coatings (primer, topcoat, and back coat), which is very important and directly affects their service life.
  Coating failure, coating failure, and even steel plate perforation are key corrosion processes. Therefore, increasing the thickness of the coating layer and adopting weather and corrosion resistant coating layers are effective means to prevent corrosion failure of color coated steel plates.

Corrosion failure process of coated steel plate:

Why is the color coated board provided by Liying Industry trustworthy?

  More than 90% of the color coated steel plates in China are used in construction, and the construction industry has been widely used. The color coated steel plates provided by Liying Industry have also been widely recognized in industries such as automobile manufacturing, non-ferrous metals, electricity, coal mining, light industry, medicine, food, etc.

1,专业省心:我们行业悠久,专注涂镀行业十余年,专业程度高;1. Professional and worry free: Our industry has a long history, focusing on the coating industry for more than ten years, with a high level of professionalism;
2. High cost-effectiveness: Familiar with the advantages and performance of products from major steel mills; Master the latest industry information and product information;
3. Authentic guarantee: authorized agents from major steel mills for distribution, with genuine guarantee and after-sales guarantee;
4. Rich experience: With rich industry experience and years of customer maintenance experience feedback.

  Color coated boards are a competitive alternative to wood and other materials, with advantages such as color fading prevention, atmospheric corrosion resistance, and resistance to pulverization. Liying Industry is dedicated to the color coating industry with a long and professional experience. It is familiar with the advantages and performance of major steel mills' products, and has the latest industry information and product information. With industry experience and years of user maintenance feedback experience, it has strict requirements for material color, shape, quality, performance, and other aspects, making it a bridge for customers and steel mills to bridge.

How to choose and purchase colored coated steel plates?

  How to choose and purchase colored coated steel plates?

How to choose color steel plates:

  Of course, the quality of color coated panels mainly depends on the color coated panel manufacturer, but improper processing and installation equipment and methods can also cause damage to the appearance and service life of the final product to varying degrees.

  There are various types of color coated steel plates, and the performance indicators of different products vary greatly. It is very important to recommend the selection of appropriate color coated steel plates based on the requirements of the end user, the design unit, and the forming conditions of the processing unit.