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Li Ying teaches you how to verify the authenticity of Baosteel QR codes!

Baosteel Co., Ltd. is the largest and most comprehensive high-end color coated plate production base in China. Baosteel color coated panels have been selected as the preferred material for many key construction projects in China, and are actively recommended for use by design institutes and owners. However, recently, counterfeit Baosteel color coated plates carrying QR codes for printing have appeared in the market.
The Market Supervision and Administration Bureau has launched a heavy crackdown on lockdown! Protecting Legal Rights and Interests | Let "Li Gui" Expose More Vigilance
Be sure to purchase from a legitimate agent

These "Li Gui" products carrying QR code directional printing forge steel coil product information, construct counterfeit servers on their own, and print QR codes on the back of the steel coil, making it difficult for customers to distinguish between real and fake.


These counterfeit Baosteel color steel plates with their own QR code spray printing have seriously harmed the interests and trust of users! Having spent a high price but bought low-end counterfeit products has affected the image of Baosteel's color steel plates! These counterfeit and inferior products have not been guaranteed in terms of quality, substandard corrosion resistance, and short service life, which not only cause direct economic losses, but also pose significant safety hazards to construction projects!
Baosteel QR code anti-counterfeiting appears
In order to protect user rights and maintain Baosteel's color coated plate brand, Baosteel Group pioneered printing QR codes on the back of the color coated plate in 2016, in conjunction with smartphone scanning to identify authenticity. As more users gradually learn about Baosteel's QR code anti-counterfeiting technology, counterfeit Baosteel color coatings are gradually decreasing.

Since 2016, Baosteel's color steel plates have been the first to use high-speed digital spray printing technology. While producing color coated plates, unique encrypted QR codes, roll numbers, production times, and other information are intermittently sprayed on the back of the steel plates. Baosteel can analyze, and Baosteel will record every scan analysis to help users distinguish the authenticity of purchased products based on the analysis content.
How to Distinguish between True and False at Baosteel
1. Spray code on the back of the steel plate:

Encrypt the product volume number, production time, and decryption server address data, and generate a QR code to be printed on the back of the product.
Clearly code the spray printing roll number, production time, and coating code.
2. Scan code to identify authenticity
The user scans the QR code and transmits the password data to the decryption server.
After the server decrypts, the data is fed back to the user's terminal device (phone) through a page format. An example of the feedback page is shown in the figure.
The method to check the server URL is as follows:

After receiving feedback by scanning the code with your phone, click on the three dots in the upper right corner of the screen, and the top of the pop-up page will have the words "webpage provided by". a. is the server website address.

Pay special attention to distinguishing common methods such as letters, numbers, uppercase and lowercase to counterfeit the QR code server website on the back of Baosteel color coated boards.
After receiving feedback from the street server, in addition to comparing it with the roll number and production time printed on the back of the steel coil, please also check if the decryption server website is Baosteel's dedicated QR code decryption server website:
How to purchase authentic Baosteel color steel plates!?
Identifying Baosteel's authorized agents is crucial!
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Baosteel's color steel plate has a good brand promotion and numerous engineering examples in the industry. Since 2002, it has gone through four generations of anti-counterfeiting, and the two-dimensional code anti-counterfeiting technology has also been conquered. When purchasing, users must understand and inspect more, and be more careful!
We will continue to provide real-time updates on the latest anti-counterfeiting and authentication tips. Welcome to join us and explore!
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We will continue to provide customers with better services, making every effort to deepen cooperation in various aspects such as resource and business expansion, high-quality service, and steel factory after-sales coordination among major steel mills. We will create an ecosystem of integrity, safety, convenience, efficiency, and win-win situation, and jointly paint a bright future for color coating!
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